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Sep 3, 2010 12:30am EDT
bulk rash collectiin however. and all drop off centers will be clooed. paaking rules, however, remain in effect. soofeed the meters. they will make this greatimeú breakthrrughs.ú >> ractically every president hasstried in the last 50 years. all failed. nowwthe obama administration tries to broker peace in the mideast. the hint of ppogress made tonight. >> and an end to the ravens preseason tonighh. how the purple and black look in the final game before taking on3 and wwh why john harbaugh had a lot tt say, and it wasn't good. to one of his 3 >> diplomats, ppesidents and secretary of states have tried it before but got nowhere in the last half entury. we look at the middle east ú%ospects. presideet obama has hrown the ornamental and diplomatic weight of his oofice behind new middle east peace talks. >> negotiateing for 20 years without making very mmch progress. it is hard to see why this time ttey are going to make all of >> after a daa of direct talks a hint oo progress. both sides meet september 15 in egypp.ú secretary of state hillary clinton and special envoy mitchell will
Sep 3, 2010 11:00pm EDT
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Sep 3, 2010 11:00pm EDT
in that fundamental part of our deeocracy. >> early voting sites clooed at 8:00 tonight. polls will open through thursday but are closed on sunday. >>> and stay with fox 45 news for the latest on the id term electionss go to florida, 13-year-old freddy mcccoud got suspended for getting into a fight. his motter wanted to make sure he got he message llud and clear. she made him stand on a verr busy street with a sign that says i don't know how to behave if i continuee i will end up working hard for little mmney. >> i told him it's an embarrassment for me to have the school call me over and over and over again when i'm trying my best to raise him as a good little boy. >> e will think aboot it. he won't do it no more. ú% not only that, he's got to sit on the couch with moo with the sign in front of tv cameras. you think he's going to do it again?3 >> i bet e won't cut p like that again. >> siiting on a couch with a tv >> it's no worse than standing his friendd to see. >> gooddthing my mom didn'tú think of things like that. >>> what kind of weather ccn we expect for
Sep 27, 2010 6:00am EDT
for the fiist score there aad the second quarter no one is even cloos to the ravvns number 1 receevvr in that end zone.ú ii's tte second tooch down for the ame for boldin. it gave the ravens a lead. and joe threw ovee he top and -nquan boodin brought his 3rd touch own. flacco came back from flowing pour picks to the bbngals to throwing three touchdowns and no interceptions.ú thht's the big keyythere. the ravensswin their first home game of the year. final score iss24-sevvr17. >>> a cardinal, two years ago when the crowd was the same way but to be a part of it, it's unbelievable. this is second to nooe. -p>> annuan boldin came up with biggplaguee fo plays for us. a tough win against a good team. the crowd was tremendous and we move on to pittsburgh. >> they weren't home for long. the ravens have another tough road ahead of them, the other they're going to face the steelers n pittsburgh.ú kickkff is scheduled for 1:00. >>> raven fans are showing ff3 their purppe pride in our website. that is rrally ute. her dog ypsiy is alwaas deckkd out in the raaens gear for >>> we want you
Sep 30, 2010 6:00am EDT
on wednesday. the dow clooed 22 points lower at 8,335. and the sp 500 blo 500 lost 20. >>> the president acknowledged receiving letterssevery day from americans struggling to make ends meet. >> we ot to make tough choices if we're going o solve some the >>> the president says it's tough getting leeters from kids who don't wantttheir parents to lose hope. >>> bp is shaking up its bp is creating a new unit to operationaoperational risk aroue world. >>> technology insiders say a partneeship is in the works between facebook and skype. by combining the two communication capability. facebook users would be able to log into skype and text, orr3 video chat with friends. neither company s commenting. p>> coming up remnants of tropical storm nicole rip into our region. meteorologist steve fertig is tracking the storm into your neighborhood commng up fter he break. >>> significant flooding here in the city.ú take a look at this and still some drivers trying to make their way through. iim megan gilliland. we're going to show you how dip this water is coming up. >>> i'm meteorologist emily grac
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)